Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Silver Bella

It is quite an adventure to be surrounded by 100 women in kitchy aprons and a few with glitter in their hair! So goes the phenomenon of Silver Bella. Women from around the globe fly to Omaha for one short weekend to laugh, share, create and buy with the guiding hand of Teresa McFayden, event coordinator.

On the Friday night of this weekend extravaganza vendors are invited to set up their goods and sell to the Bella Babes. Some come for this night only while others come for the craft classes lead by many nationally known artists. All in all, it is quite a site.

Curious Sofa set up during vendor night last year and as I crawled to my car at 12:30 a.m. I swore I would never do it again! But, like childbirth, I forgot about the pain and called Teresa at the last minute (again) and asked if there were any spots available. This time I was going to get this loading and unloading thing down to a science. The problem is it is only a three hour show with just three hours to put it up and about one hour to tear it down. Whew- thank goodness for the industrial dolly I bought before I left and the help of my friends from Vintage Workshop, Amy and Cheryl.

I was in such a mad dash I did not document all the fab booths there (five others vendors will also be at Miss Frenchie's!!) but search any blog for Silver Bella and you will see booths-a-plenty!
Take a look at our booth and please be forgiving. I unloaded the van, emptied the crates and tossed it together in three hours. Sorry for the soft images but I just refuse to use flash. Enjoy.

Email the staff for prices on anything you might be interested in. We ship things out all the time within reason. curiousstaff@curioussofa.com