Saturday, April 17, 2010

April Charm

1. Floral Tin Plate SOLD

Sometimes it amazes me at the sheer volume of product that has come and gone through the doors of Curious Sofa in our (almost!) 10 years of business. It's no wonder, as I walked around the shop today to snap some pics of merchandise, every day there is always something new that has come in. This week we received a new order of Thomas Paul dishes (great for summer or art work), new letterpress note cards, fun kitchen wrapping paper (to frame or craft), silicone watches and a new shipment of our popular gold wax charms and pendants (one is good, seven is better!). These are the perfect gift for Mothers Day or graduation. And as the new goods arrive via UPS or Fed-X I am, out most days hunting and scouting for antiques too. Take a look around and try to stop in this week as more is on the way.

3. Pastries, Mushrooms and Produce Poster Paper 5.00

4. Letterpress Note Cards and Gift Tags 8.95 - 10.95

5. New Melamine Spencerian Script Plates 9.95 each
Faux Bois Coasters 29.95 set

6. Silicone Watches with Rhinestone Casing 24.00; Blue Transfer Plates SOLD

7. Kaari Meng's Latest Book, Treasured Notions with outstanding graphics. SOLD OUT

8. My new favorite! Black and White Melamine Drinking Glass 13.95 and Plate 9.95

9. Rusty Baby Bed Rail/Ladder, great for linens SOLD

10. Ornate Ironstone Water Pitcher SOLD

11. Soft Velvet Print Rug SOLD

12. Egg Prints in Black Frame SOLD Bird Nest Journals SOLD OUT

13. This Amazing European Crochet Coverlet (in excellent condition) SOLD

14. Three Brown Transferware Plates 38.00

15. A New Brass Queen Size Bed SOLD

16. Rattan and Muslin Seat and Floor Cushions
Round 29.95 Square 22.95

17. Large Tapestry Rug in great neutral colors 195.00

18. Paris Jewelry Mannequins
30" 125.00 26" 89.00

19. Sterling and Pearl Necklaces 58.00 - 156.00

20. Brass Hotel Key Rings
Casino 11.95 Numbers 9.95

21. Brass Number Key Rings 9.95

22. Antique Brass with Sterling Silver Casing Wax Charms 58.00

23. Sterling Silver Casing Wax Charms 48.00

24. Sterling and Brass Bottle Charms 60.00

25. One to give, one to keep. Best Friend Hand Charms 75.00 set

26. Love Stamp Charm 42.00

27. Trust Faith Silver and Gold Pendant 87.00

28. My One (on one side), My Only (on the other) Sterling Silver Flip Charm
Note: We offer many necklace and bracelet options for these charms.

The weather has been down-right outstanding in Kansas City lately and also in the week to come. I hope you can stop in as there is more to see than we are showing here.
Call the store for info on any product you see: 913-432-8969.

This week I am fortunate to be assisting Country Living magazine as they shoot the home of one of my customers. More on that next week!