Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hats Off

I designed these new Curious Sofa (summer) business cards above, bookmark size.
We will change these every season with a new yard-long photo.

Mid-May Greetings everyone!
It has been one wet Spring for Kansas City and if there is a dead plant anywhere to be found, it never had a chance to begin with! The rain has come down in some fashion nearly every single day for a month now so we are green to the core. Segue into all the new and funky hats we are offering for him and her to protect, adorn and flaunt. I have always said the best make-do accessory is a hat and a pair of sunglasses. Crawl out of bed on Sunday morning with those and no need to worry about who you'll run into at breakfast.

Take a look around at some of the new goods just in:

Isn't this amazing?! An antique memory ribbon "photo album". $90
Dressmakers Form $155

Blue transfer Bramble English platter SOLD

I recently scored these vintage director chairs; 4 standard, one rocker.
New red fabric covers. Chairs $68 ea., Rocker $78, Vintage Flag $26

Union Jack Driver Cap $42

For the business owner (or Mom's kitchen!) Open/Close sign $18.95

Blue Faux Book Boxes
Single $43, Double $52.95, Triple $63.95

Denim Cap with Ticking Flower SOLD OUT

My personal fave! Raw Pinstripe Hat w/Flower $58.95

Watch Fob Locket with Chain Necklace $172

Silver Initial Bracelets w/Silver Pearl $74 (extra charms to adorn)
Star $21.95, Crystal Drop $21.95, Crest $23.95

Key $23.95, Shield $23.95, Heart $23.95
Mother $24, Magnifying Glass $38

Set of 12 Vintage Faucet Handles SOLD

Grey Terra Cotta Pots with Wicker Basket
3.5" $11.95, 4.5" $14.95, 6" $19.95

Grey Madra Fedora $26.50

Various Vintage Concrete Birdbaths $95 - $150

Magnetic Hanging Weekly Calendar $52

Painted Gateleg Table $185

1 thru 6 Canvas Book Box $38.95 each

XL Oval Mirror $195

Antique Doll Chair $45

Shadow Box Wreath $145, Metal Crown $124
Hinged Glove Box SOLD

Thistle Candleholder SOLD

Linen and Terrycloth, Good Morning Towel $12

Painted Windsor Chairs $225 ea.

30" Gold Initial w/Mirror Lorgnette Necklace $38

Remember you can call the shop for anything you are interested in:

Mark your calendars for the June 4-6, Prairie Village Art Show. We will be adorned!