Friday, November 05, 2010

Still Unwrapping Christmas

Frosted glass Origami Reindeer Lamp. Amazing isn't it?
Perfect for the modern Xmas decor.

Despite revealing our Holiday merchandise a week ago, new and old items are still arriving daily. Lucky for me, more Christmas antiques are finally making an appearance at my favorite haunts so I am gathering those up for you as well.

Its odd to walk around the store and see so many sparkling things. I hear the customers linger a little longer and nearly everyone talks about how much there is to see and how once-around the store is not enough. Just now, someone actually said, "Wow, you really do change things up! Do you hire people to do all this or do you guys do it all?" Ha- I wish! (Can retailers do that? Is that allowed??!!)

Wander through and see what's new but you simple MUST come in.

One of our many frosted houses.

My new favorite are these mercury ornaments with grey flocking.

I scored this wad 'o tree in Round Top. Hands down my favorite item I found
there last Spring. Dirty, tattered, sparkling...
It sold in 10 minutes.

Another favorite but nearly sold out, mercury initials.

Again, for the modern home, clean & graphic glittering houses.

A sparkling nativity surrounded by a vintage iron grate.

I had to paint the cello and another banner for our front window.

A new paper chandelier with endless possibilities. These come with
fire-treated paper pages but we added some old photographs too.
A single bulb hangs down the center.

Ooh, la-la, a satin ruffled scarf hangs on our mannequins
with layers of vintage beads.

A stunning XL nativity that looks like carved bisque.

I am on a roll: Collecting vintage coverlets for our Scandinavian room.
Crochet, Candlewick, Chenille, Matelasse...

Paper-pulp hanging dolly designed by Nicol Sayre.
(We have her Angels and Santas too!)

One of our many antique religious prints.

My collection of grain sacks finally made into pillows.

And not to forget that Thanksgiving comes first, a feathery owl.

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