Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bird Song

The shades I designed for Bird Song.

So what have I been up to lately? Well for one, my crafty friend and fellow blogger Karla Nathan is planning a creative weekend at her lovely farmhouse retreat in nearby Lawrence, Kansas so she asked me to join the group of crafty chicks to lead a Spring themed class called Bird Song.

No two will be alike; the stash of antique laces and trims for the class to use.

Karla works well in advance. All of us that have teamed with her during Miss Frenchie's or Silver Bella marvel at her tenacity to get 'er done. Weeks ahead of schedule, Karla has her items made, tagged, packed up and advertised- while the rest of us are up and down the isles at Hobby Lobby still searching for the right thing to start our projects. As the poster girl for procrastination, this baffles me! So true to form, Karla advertised her event weeks ago (or maybe months?!) and I was the last poor soul to finish my project and send her the images to post on the Bird Song site.

Lyrics from a Spring song, old millinery flowers and vintage pearls are glued about.

Today I finally added the last drop of glue to a pair of sconce shades that I will lead the class of 20 to make. I began with images from a stash of vintage photos I have. Then I layered an illustrated flower, colored the buds, and added lyrics from the song sheet Karla got her inspiration from for this event. After printing the girls on a wonderful linen paper I embellished the shade with bits of antique lace, millinery flowers and pearls. With the extra two inches of lace at the bottom, these could easily be used on small boudoir lamps but I have also shown them as sconce shades in my own bathroom.

Shown in my bathroom.

Maybe this will inspire you to start cutting and pasting something!