Friday, July 22, 2011

Home by Novogratz

Art by Ann Carrington, who I had never heard of until watching the Novogratz.
This image made from pearl buttons!

As Design Star leaves us bored to tears, HGTV has finally taken a step forward with the addition of a new show HOME by Novogratz. You might remember these hip parents of seven equally hip kids from their show on Bravo a few seasons back. I was wondering if we would see them again and was happy to learn HGTV snagged them up. I am sure there is a story there somewhere as to why a second season wasn't added on Bravo, but I can feel the Novogratz hand on this new series, concluding they are more about their design than their entourage.

I am not always a fan of their design; its a bit glossy and modern for my taste, but I do love seeing through their eyes and I always learn something when watching this show. My years of photo styling have trained me to make things picture perfect so their haphazard, mix it up, no rules decorating is a big lesson for me.

I do love the diagonal stripes in this soft shade.

I dozen different styles but the palette pulls it together.

French settee re-purposed in modern black leather.

Vintage signage is big for the Novogratz.

A signature of theirs is also giant murals or XXL photography.

In the first episode on HGTV the down-right-gorgeous Courtney (not a speck of makeup- hate her!) meets two sisters to remodel their run-down beach cottage. When Courtney asked who their favorite designer was, they mentioned Betsey Johnson so this is where the design inspiration came from.

I couldn't help but watch the show and think what I would do with the girls $40,000 budget. The Novogratz team loves to splurge on original art (when giant posters would work in this case), colorful reproduction appliances (when repainting old would do) and expensive window shades (a Target brand would suffice). But they do pay attention to important construction details (rebuilding the staircase and refinishing floors) and they splurged on only one wall of expensive wallpaper to make a wow.

The metallic wallpaper from the first episode.

All in all, how they listen to a clients taste and tackle the project with their famous spin makes for interesting TV. Set the DVR for Saturday night.