Thursday, September 22, 2011

Layer it On

From my hero, Ralph Lauren, Fall 2011. Only he can make brand new clothing
look like it has been in your closet for years- which is a good thing!

Fall. Gotta love it.
The temperature is dropping which brings out the three little words I love most: hats, scarves and jackets. My chubby body predestines that I really should live in a climate that demands layering at least 12 months of the year. But I am in Kansas and the heat (and the wardrobe requirements) keep me hidden in air conditioning for most of the summer. When fall hits I feel like Stevie Nicks skipping through the fields with layers of clothing, high top boots and accessories flying. I can't get enough. Even my mood improves as I find myself doing more, smiling more, exploring more.

This blog does not post much fashion news as I can't experience that lovely art as much as I would like to. But now my life has changed as I am glued to the computer even more than I was before. Daily I am adding products to my website, looking at blogs, strolling through Pinterest and basically studying what else is out there. What a world the web has created and now I see why it has replaced some of our favorite magazines.

As I dust off my favorite boots while thinking of fall fashion, I had to share a trend I am spotting which has my wheels turning. Please don't be one of those women who say, "Look how skinny they are!" or "No one really dresses like that!" these images are for inspiration. Take note of the layering, the shapes, the textures. But for me, the exciting thing are the patterns! Lots of different designs integrated within one outfit. Plaids with stripes, paisleys with checks; some bold, some subtle. Taking a little bit of this and looking with new eyes at your closet (or thrift store) can update your wardrobe into 2012. Sometimes it just takes a new way of looking at things to make us as stylish as the runway. Enjoy.

From Missoni: these colors made my heart stop. Brilliant use of subtle patterns but the
colors tie them all together. This is why it works.
And the floppy poncho thing seems
to be making an appearance this winter. (where is my favorite blanket to cut up?)

More subtle colors.... and scarves going on forever.

From Anna Sui: I am loving the patterns here too; a little bolder but the coloring keeps
them smart. A touch of ethnic/hippie/Indian which I love.

A more sophisticated mixing from Etro.

This ad from Missoni is what prompted this blog post. I just could not
believe the beautiful mixing of colors and patterns used here.
Pastel snakeskin? Come on!

More from Ralph.

OMG! Not sure what designer this is and no doubt a collection for Spring,
but breathtaking in the softness, pattern mix and coloring.


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