Sunday, December 04, 2011

A New Holiday

Matthew Mead's personal cover of HOLIDAY 2011

True to form, our creative friend Matthew Mead and staff have given us another wonderful issue of HOLIDAY.

Over dinner recently with a few creative friends, I predicted (due to the state of the economy and my recent study of Pinterest) this year was going to be the DIY Christmas. Matthew, being light years ahead of us, obviously knew this months ago as he prepared this current issue.

In HOLIDAY you will find not only the lovely photos, ideas and recipes we have come to love Mead for, but this issue is layered with page upon page of instructions for decorating your home, packages, ornaments, trees and gift-giving food. Order this issue, gather the girlfriends, sisters or nieces and plan a day of crafting gifts and decor that will be valued for years to come.

A fresh and bright addition to the average wreath.
The magazine also shows a version with fresh limes.

How easy is this?! I loved the haphazard drizzle of the white icing.

No doubt inspired by European styling, this simple vignette
above shows less is more.

One of the many magnificent trees shown throughout the issue. This
pastel version adds a fresh spin by adding Chinese fans.

Designer/crafter extraordinaire Amy Powers loves to work in
miniatures and contributed these ideas above.

Another simple idea for the cookie exchange. Adding a
ribbon turns them into instant ornaments.

Feel free to test this recipe and send me samples for approval.

From the "why didn't I think of that" file: Using a
drop leaf coffee table as a tree skirt. Genius.

Look for this cover from Time/Warner on newsstands
or order direct here.

And from my own list of things to make, more ideas from my boards on Pinterest:

A new idea for the junky jewelry

Can't wait to hear what your husband would think if you suggested covering his precious taxidermy! But how great is this idea for when we find those tattered carcases at the flea market.

Now this is what I call a space-saver. Any old scrappy wood would do.

Taking paper and scissors to whole new level!