Monday, November 26, 2012

November 19-25

Thanksgiving week greetings everyone! 
One of my favorite Thanksgiving vignettes was when I used hay bales, American flags, Indian corn and pictures of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Something about bringing in the Native Americans and Americana that works every time.
Thanksgiving at Curious Sofa, Prairie Village 2009
 The weather has been outstanding here in Kansas City which is always good to get people in the mood for the Holidays. My heart will forever be in support of the small, brick and mortar independent retailer so when Black Friday comes around, I always hold my breath hoping it is a good day for those who still own a store. I will never forget the work, merchandise, customers and long hours involved in keeping up with the fourth quarter of retail life. It's a time we all love and dread at the same time!

I am often asked if I miss the store this time of year and I have to say no, sorry, I do not. I think I still remember the pain more than the joy. The days prior to a Christmas Open House were always so grueling... the boxes, the glitter, the ladders, and the shelves packed too full of stuff and inevitably the heartbreak of selling out of something that a customer wants because you just didn't know how much to order and then (always the pessimist) I knew January was coming when it would all come to a screeching halt.

But yes, I do miss seeing the friends and customers that made it in only once a year. I miss the oohs and aahs and compliments of what the staff and I created. I miss the customers that would bring their visiting friends into, "their favorite shop " and of course I miss buying bigger items for you to give as gifts or to decorate with.

But not to completely skip my retail gene, this past week I loaded the website with many Christmas items. Some decor, some gifts, some tree trimmings. Many of the antique items have sold already but many remain. Take a look:
Trees, trees, trees- we've got 'em. Feather, wooden, bottle brush and more.
Wool mice, Victorian stocking, Vintage Santa, Glittery sign

Vintage skates to toss over a sled, glittery boot to fill with candy, bird ornament, gold clock ornaments.

Set of 2, snowflake ornaments, vintage mercury ornaments, glittery icicles, bottle brush icicles.
And this week I found some ideas and images on Pinterest to share:

How cool to add a small step stool as a side table?
Got pictures? Keeping the pictures black and white or sepia tone and all the frames black too adds real drama in what could have been a hodge-podge of colored pics and random frames.
I also have a board on Pinterest titled Wallpaper Love, because I do!
I know we have seen every concoction of homemade garlands and banners these days but I did lovet how these were fringed. Easy enough to do with crepe paper or even typewriter paper.
The ultimate cozy cottage living room; all neutral colors too!
Clever and funky; using old cheese graters as lanterns. Put glass votives inside to keep them from getting too hot.
When I see something expensive that we could easily make, I have to make note. This chair, covered in crochet doilies and possibly decoupaged is $998 at Anthropolgie! Really??
A dog lover forever, I can't help myself to post some of these cuties.
Every year I love seeing new Christmas tree ideas too. Here are a few good ones:

How crazy is this?! Cut large pieces of cardboard or plywood into a tree shape. Secure to the wall and start hot gluing or taping every little thing you desire. This could be made into any theme from any trinket: hardware, craft scraps, jewelry, tiny toys... the list is endless.
Fallen branches or drift wood, cut to length and wired together on the edges to secure.
Always a favorite: Use an old fallen branch in a cool pot. It's the ornaments that make it.
Random salvaged wood cut to length.
More is more! If you have the area to do this, go to town.
Simple is always better.


Antique Samovar, Wooden Shelf

XXL Ironstone Water Pitcher, Metal Shelf
Primitive Dolls, Mint Green Farm Scale
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