Friday, June 28, 2013

June 23, 2013

It's been much too long without posting, so sorry! I do hope all of you follow me on Facebook as I am posting there daily. Below, some of my favorites entries:

Some favorite images pinned on Pinterest:

How cute is this?

Showing once again, there can be new uses for most anything.

I ran across this old picture of my bedroom which ran in a local decor magazine.

An idea of what to do with all those beaded scraps: A drapy chain valance.

I was anticipating the arrival of the new Gatsby movie for the decor and fashions, but for the first time in my life I have to say this was over-styled! A weak story so thank goodness there were things to look at.

I found this image on Pinterest. When everyone seems to be repainting everything, this was one example of how to do it right!

From my weekly posts on Happy Images, a proud pig!

I had mentioned I used to dress like this, so what happened?!

Amazing. Who in their right mind had the patience to do this? Instant trellis.

Every Sunday I post a Sunday message.

I loved this as a fresh alternative to painting furniture. Scraps of wallpaper!

A wonderful example of hire to expertly hide the TV.

I am not a fan of chalkboard paint but this is fabulous. A stairwell in a restaurant with hand calligraphy affirmations.

I've started posting Great Collections. This image was the first.

Items for sale at

Items for sale at

Items for sale at

Items for sale at

Items for sale at