Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday's Great Idea!

Use an old wheel barrow as a make shift fire pit!
How cool is this? This may be too primitive for some of you but if you follow this blog, I doubt it. Sometimes I am amazed at the comments I receive on Facebook saying, "That looks dirty, or too shabby or egads!" My response (to myself of course) is "Why do you follow this page if you don't like the vintage look??!!" I admit, I delete those comments immediately because I want people to get it and not be turned off by some of these informal ideas. My style is definitely not for the traditionalist.

Who doesn't love sitting around a fire on a chilly fall night? Pinterest is loaded with every fire pit idea you can image but I especially liked this one because it is so clever, unexpected and inexpensive! Drag the hay bales around this, get the smores ready and wait for fall!