Thursday, February 06, 2014

This Week's Obsession, RAW WOOD

Some may think it's crazy, others will totally get it, but I love raw, untouched, never varnished, dried in the elements... raw wood. Something about the natural distressing, the open grain and of course the bleached color that grabs at my heart. To know that the natural wood is showing without anything man has done to it is a beautiful thing. 

Of course it's about texture and color too. It's also about informal design. The kick your feet up, sit the glass down without the coaster type of living. I simply love it and today it can go from high end design (precious French antiques that have lost their finish over time) to pull it out of the river, rural, as-found, furniture from the side of the road. (quite a stretch I know) but take a look around... and see what I mean.

Ornate architectural element used as a table.

Are you like me? When you see a tree being cut down you check the stumps in the yard and drive by wondering if you could ask for a few??! This one is especially great with wheels attached!

Be still my heart; these dried, old, bleached out, sunburn chairs for the deck. ah......

I am sure there is a technical name for this lovely piece; something from the farm no doubt but how outstanding as a flower box in the home.

Whether you add the granite top or not still an outstanding design. Another industrial element reused in a high-end home.

Old work bench now used in the kitchen.

No varnish, no paint, no laminate.... fabulous!