Monday, September 15, 2008

Haunted Extras

Since our Halloween Open House, things have stayed on a steady clip around here. Between reordering our best sellers, unpacking Christmas, preparing for Round Top and now- due to the political news junkie that I have become- I have been making it to bed at 2 a.m. or later. What an exciting time to watch this election. But this blog is not about that. (although I am dying to write about it!!!) 'Tis the season to keep going...

I wanted to snap a few more images of our current decor as I have added a few new things to the mix. It was only a mere 24 hours as the dust settled from our Dark Carnival that I hunkered down and started to fine tune our Junior League Holiday Mart (October 23-26) and Christmas Open House (November 7-9) events.

Cindy and I are also off to Round Top, Texas for the antique show next week. I am excited about this trip as we are flying in to Austin and driving a load back. I told her the New York trip may have been glamorous but Texas is where I will really put her to work. If it is the predicted 95 degrees I may be nestled in a cold hotel room while I send her out schlepping.

Round Top is where I am doing 65% of the shopping for the Holiday Mart. This year I am designing it a little differently; lots of antiques, best selling staples and very little Xmas. Instead I am styling it like a gypsy flea market caravan somewhere on the side streets of Paris! At least that is my goal. Somewhere along the way it always shifts a bit due to my beer budget -vs- my champagne taste.

Take a look at some current displays:

Dana created this white haunting display above in our bath department.

Just in, giant suede spiders.

Green rubber witches mask. I love putting them around pumpkins too.

A ceramic bust lamp among faux antlers.

Either love it or hate it; a vicious rat crawling among bark candles.

One of my favorite items- BEWARE votive display.

Also just in, these giant 24" black pumpkins.

Masquerade bust and black feather tree.

Another fav- cotton Jolly Roger flag..

For dinner, a clay witches hand with radicchio served straight up .

An distressed Japanese paper umbrella.

Our bleeding tapers candles

A peek at our colors for Thanksgiving: dark copper glazed pumpkins.

Just in Greg Johnson's 2009 calendar journal (another style also available).

Vintage lab bottles, insect place cards and owl decoy.

Another computer project; this vintage bat print copied and inserted in an old album page.

Not to forget personal adornment, some Gothic pieces.