Friday, September 26, 2008

Round Top Update


Here I am once again, deep in the heart.
My niece Cindy and I flew to Austin on this trip, rented the UHaul and headed off to antique nirvana. First stop, Uncommon Objects in Austin. An unbelievable store filled with so many ideas and fabulous antique finds. The inspiration here was getting us off to a good start!

90 minutes later I found myself stopping at the end of the first giant field in Warrenton and saying to Cindy, "Here we are!" I drove her down 10 miles of heaven. We were arriving earlier than usual, so many of the dealers were not ready. The traffic was still easy and when we came to the end, I could tell Cindy was ready to jump out and dive in. We stopped to say hi to Donnie and buy some goodies and headed on to a field in Warrenton. Not much was accomplished as the sun was going down but I managed to score a 10' zinc covered, oyster shucking table! Wow. I already have a Xmas display ready for that!

We need to get going again this morning, but I close with this image below.
In the midst of these fields of chaos, I see this lovely dog just sleeping on the grass, enjoying the day. She was also such an amazing color- I had to shoot her for her overall calmness in this mass of objects. Antiquing is great, but this is really the life!