Saturday, October 24, 2009

BH&G Christmas Ideas

Curious Sofa has been extremely fortunate this year with receiving great press. First, the local Spaces magazine did a story on my home, then in August Romantic Homes did a great spread on my house and the store and now on the newsstands is Better Homes & Gardens Christmas Ideas. Would you believe all these photo shoots happened within a three week period last February?! One angry customer had to phone in a complaint this summer saying, "Every time I need something, Debbie is on a photo shoot!" Sorry, but it just happened that way. We are also waiting on some press from Dubai, Saudi Arabia! Are you ready for that? Don't ask me how that happened as I honestly do not know. A newspaper editor found us somehow so an extensive interview and photo shoot happened, but so far, it has not surfaced. I also got another call from BH&G last week and we just finished a Halloween story for 2010. Whew.

Seeing this issue of Christmas Ideas was one big wow. Yes, I styled it and was there during the shoot along with editor Ann Blevins and art director Shawn Roorda but each time an issue featuring the store comes across my desk I hold my breath; praying for great printing, lovely layout, good cropping and interesting text- and this has it all. It is perfect (if I do say so myself). The colors are soothing and I think there are some great ideas for you to use. One of my best customers called me from the local Barnes and Noble just screaming. I had to laugh at her, she loved it so much. Take a look below. On the newsstands until December 29th.

My infamous mantle above. How may variations of this poor thing have you seen? I started here with the fabulous Madonna picture so everything else I gathered I wanted to compliment that. I ran to Hobby Lobby for the hurricanes and black candles but all else is from the store. There was a black tree to the right along with kraft paper packages but they did not use it for some reason. Not shown below:

This is my linen slipcovered sofa above, two whisper linen pillows from Bella Notte and the vintage tapestry which set the tone for the arrangement. The giant painting has a small lamb in the center. I called the shop to rush over the sconce as it was all we needed to finish the vignette. That tiny little step stool is one of my personal favorite things as it is bleached raw from the sun and has tiny tacks up the side. It's a keeper (and I don't keep anything!) I love this overall palette.

The famous tufted headboard from Round Top. It is just leaning against the wall, the tree was a project from years ago originally white but sprayed with floral paint to make vanilla and my favorite white violin.

I have been collecting the spools of thread for our Xmas Open House all year. The cake pedestal and ironstone are my own.

And where would we be without the silver thing? Some of it is from my collection but most of it is from the store. Plate hangers or a little wire is all I used to hang them. The photo on the table is my grandmother and we rigged the buffet setting to make it look more purposeful. I love it piled up like this. Why are some customers still asking why we don't polish our silver?? Argh!

I have always wanted to do a Xmas porch thing. A big garden urn for the chilled champagne, the bird bath for candles ...all we needed was real snow!

Our most challenging shot above. The black and white lettering items are what we will premier at the store this Christmas from artist Wendy Addison. The folded paper art was borrowed from Julie Reed our own Miss Frenchie's artist. We ran to Whole Foods for the dry foods, again to make it purposeful for the season. The flocked green reindeer and giant bottle are from my personal stash. ENJOY!

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