Friday, October 30, 2009

Christmas 2009


Our front entrance adorned with frosted berry wreaths and topiary wrapped packages.

112 boxes, 150 yards of ribbon, 82 red bows, 16 glue sticks and 13 hours of wrapping- all to make it simple!






More to come this week or next....

Without a doubt this was our easiest year getting Christmas together. Well maybe 'easy' is not the word for it but for the first time we left at 9:30 on Wednesday night! and were vacuuming an hour before the crowds walked in- this is unheard of. We edited the glitzy gaudiness that comes with retail Xmas decor, fine tuned the themed rooms and focused on quality over quantity. Our 3700 SF store is now a melange of vintage Santa, scrappy Wendy Addison, a grandeur of religious items I have been collecting all year, to our anticipated white area and creamy vanillas.

With the help of Beth (back from maternity leave), Carol Spinski from Raised in Cotton, my 'ol prop master buddy from my former film days, Bryan Mangan who was up and down the ladder so many times, I cannot tell you; to my regular, hardworking staff: Heather, Abby, Dana and Jess- we managed to transform, unpack, hang, clean, arrange, tag, wire, glue and create another holiday wonderment for you. Only one real tragedy when the new awning I built came crashing down just missing Beth's child in his crib! Where is my Jethro to handle these things? Electrical wiring is everywhere and heaven forbid Fireman Bob walks in- we must have four dozen power strips and extension cords throughout. We were eating carry-out, drinking lattes, searching for the right nail, cussing the satellite music selections, but all of this keeps us laughing or whining depending on the hour.

We're still at it this weekend, adding more merchandise, fine tuning and doing all the little details that get away from us when there is so much to do. New gift items are arriving too and some Xmas is still not here. Please make a stop and if you don't know by now, this will change weekly so keep checking in.

It's always an undertaking but my staff is always 100% on board for this time of year without a moan or groan among them. Enjoy and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!