Friday, March 26, 2010

The Makeover

For months now I have been mentioning Curious Sofa was preparing for a Spring cleaning makeover. First there was the idea, then the wait on new floor samples, then the wait on back ordered wallpaper, then the wait on labor. Then two weeks ago we get the good news we will be featured in another national magazine this September, but... the shoot had to happen this week before I left for Round Top! Fast forward to a wonderful staff working late, climbing ladders and following my late night list of To Do's. Now picture the owner frantically fixing her workroom and office to be photo worthy (is yours?). Finally, I am happy to present a few pictures of what we have been planning and working on and finish up with a few shots of Elizabeth shooting pictures of the store for Where Women Create.

Our favorite: A touch of modern in out Black and White Living Room.

The new wallpaper: Barnwood wallpaper in all areas hung horizontally with contrasting borders.

The new awning

The bedding department wallpaper with cloud border.

The new Bella Notte bedding

The Boudoir

The roses border

The stationery geometric wallpaper

Grass cloth border in the kitchen. (Last minute addition, this will be changed.)

A new/old Scandinavian style dresser

A new raw wood end table (and sofa table to match not pictured.)

New pair of terra cotta lamps

Spring kitchen

Antique typewriter and old album pages SOLD

Lone Jack drop cloth bag SOLD

Roses Oil Painting

Vintage clocks SOLD

New script pillow

Crochet towels and cast iron towel ring

Old nine drawer dresser (new handles to come) SOLD

New custom pillows from $78

New earrings from $9.95

...And Elizabeth above shooting the story for Where Women Create:
A sneak peek of some of the smaller images below, I shot over her shoulder.

Please stop in this week and see all the new items. We're so happy with the .change!