Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Save the Date

Dear Readers,
Have you heard about this wonderful event coming to Minneapolis? Creative Connection.

Former Editor of Country Living, Nancy Soriano and current Editor of Where Women Create, Jo Packman are giving birth (and feeling all the pains involved with that) to bring you one whopper of a weekend of endless inspiration.

Please read and read and read some more about all the happenings they have planned. There are SO many great teachers, artists, speakers and panelists that many of you know and many of you need to know (most of them featured in these pics)... and lastly, yours truly is humbled to be included in their retail forum.
This event takes place September 16-18, 2010 so plan ahead and book your hotel NOW. Also, it is a double whammy pleasure trip coinciding with the popular Junk Bonanza just 20 miles away.
Call your mom, book the sitter, throw your husband the laundry list and start saving and planning for a well deserved trip! This is the type of event we all need to support.