Tuesday, June 22, 2010


We received our first shipment of Christmas items this month! Egads, I won't scare you with the details as it is 95 degrees outside and no one is ready to hear about glitter and reindeer. As I wondered around the store to shoot these pictures I was taken by our luscious linen coverlet that just begs for a summer bed. Light and cool with only a single layer of whisper thin fabric but it could easily be doubled or layered over a favorite duvet or quilt.

We are lucky to be in the Midwest and enjoy each and every season although Spring and Fall always seem half the length of Summer and Winter. No matter what the weather it's always fun to gather wonderful objects, comfortable home goods and personal accessories to get in sync with the season. Enjoy what we have gathered for you and please make a stop in this month as we start cleaning house and preparing for the leaves to fall- but not just yet!

Fun kitchen timers.

Silver, silver and more silver frames.

My new favorite: Lavender filled initial sachets and large alphabet pillows on black denim.

Whimsical porcelain pill boxes.

Love this! An older iron trim mirror.

Fork and spoon easel, great for the kitchen.

A real wow necklace: multi strands of tiny pearl beads, silver and crystal. $88.95

Re purposed vintage side chair. Glossy white paint and linen cushion.

Flower cocktail rings.

A wonderful floral print duvet stolen from an antique original.

This is the way to layer your bed! Whisper linen queen size throw,
vintage crochet coverlet and a white eyelet dust ruffle.

This is what I am talking about... I just want to wear it! $295 Shams $108-$125

Pillows to layer with the summer bed.

Another shop wow: our new tufted headboard. (This can be ordered in any fabric we have.)

I love the raw cut rosettes.

New green print pillows with abstract leaf pattern.

Wonderful grey distressed hanging baskets.

How fun is this? Doggie style watering can.

Green glass cloche, 3 sizes. Large $36.95

Punky goth journals from artist Emily Martin.

Red metal circus letters. Hang as-is or add lights inside. 7" high, $12,95 each.

Please call the store for anything you need:
913-432-8969 or email: curiousstaff@curioussofa.com