Friday, June 04, 2010

Ready For The Crowd

I am in love with these new giant vases with lacy motif. $65.95

This will be our sixth year of welcoming the crowds during the Prairie Village Art Show. We have gained a lot of experience doing these; what to prepare for and what items customers seem to gravitate towards. I always love this time of year when I can bring out the flags and seashells as there is just something so fresh and Americana about it. Customers seem to love it too.

Antique Painted Hutch SOLD

This chalky flamingo struts among the seashells. $155

Capiz shell windchimes, Large $48, Small $12

The seashells and beach objects are always a crowd pleaser (being in the Midwest) as these are not standard accoutrements around Kansas City. Inevitably someone picks one up and sighs as it reminds them of a wonderful seaside vacation they took in their past. We love them for their shape, chalky texture and perfect accessory for the bath or to brighten up your summer decor.

Abby Chair $2,200

Kate Sofa $3,600

This week we also received a new linen sofa and chair (always with washable slipcovers). We chose colors of sand and sea foam because we knew our pearlized shells would mix perfectly with the combination. A new antique hutch came out as well which has a wonderful crackling to the front doors. This is also painted in a lovely grey/green which compliments our summer room.

Giant natural sea fans $9.95

This giant non-working fan makes a great bulletin board SOLD

Old school maps of the British Isles SOLD

This great new canvas shoulder bag just in $85

Heavy dog tag key rings $12

Vintage rose paintings, most oil on canvas. $70 - $185

We are also adding our own spin on the Art Show by revealing our collection of vintage rose paintings. Shabby chic style may have come and gone but rose paintings are eternal! I especially love them next to an American flag or above a headboard near a lovely blue and white quilt. If you prefer a more traditional setting they can also be layered up a wall with transfer plates and framed prints as the English seem to do so perfectly.

This bamboo frame is especially rare.

Turquoise bracelets with random pearls $16.95

And finally, turquoise, turquoise and more turquoise. This is our second round this season. If you know me and how I buy jewelry, I never have much color going on in the store but opt for the classics of silver, gold, pearls and dusty beads- except for turquoise! Who doesn't love it? This is the only accessory you need with a soft white t-shirt or linen blouse.

Turquoise stone necklaces $22 - $28

Earrings $8.95 - $18.95

Leather cord and turquoise collar $88

Rings $10 - $28

Here comes summer. Make a splash!

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