Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Better Homes & Gardens Halloween Magazine

Last year, after our Halloween season was nearly over, I received a call from Ann Blevins, the editor of Special Publications at Better Homes & Gardens. She had seen my blog post from our 2009 Open House and wanted to shoot some pictures for their 2010 Halloween Tricks & Treats Issue. I was happy about getting press but sad that nearly all of our best Halloween items had been sold by the time she made the call. I told her she was two months late. In fact, we shot these images just days before our Christmas Open House!

Because we were going to tear this all down in a matter of days, Ann and her team couldn't make it to KC soon enough so she allowed me to style and art direct the shoot without them. (Of course I was thrilled by this!) I scrambled fast planning some vignettes that were photo worthy, ordered some replacement items that I needed and off I went trying to make something out of nothing with the help of my friend, local photographer, Bob Greenspan.

Download the image here. Buy the iron on transfer paper here.

Many of you saw these items last year so just pretend they are new to you. I cannot WAIT to show you the pictures from this years Halloween Masquerade. I think you're going to like it. It will be completely different than this!

I had seen a PDF file of this spread months ago when they asked me to look it over but I did not recall the fabulous graphic design details they added to this story. You just never know what an art director is going to do to your pictures; how they crop them, the fonts they'll use or the color of backgrounds and borders. I was thrilled with this and thought the touches they added were a prefect fit!

Look for this cover on newsstands until November 2. (I found mine at Walgreen!).