Saturday, August 28, 2010

Halloween, Part Two

All seven of our display windows were taped with giant cobweb patterns.

Day three has ended of our and Halloween Masquerade and Art Show. Another great crowd today and what wonderful weather we had!

As I zipped around the store shooting more pictures to share, I was pleasantly amazed at all that has sold already. I am equally thrilled this allows me to reorder more for you. After all, we do have two more months until Halloween!

Take another look around as I have added a few home decor ideas.

From the window above: I downloaded a few cobweb illustrations and used them as a rough guideline. I also bought 1/2" gaffers tape here. Gaffers tape is used in the film industry and will not leave any sticky residue on your windows (like duct tape) or dry from the sun (like masking tape).But masking tape would be a much cheaper alternative. A very sharp X-Acto blade and knife are highly recommended.

Large and small feather owls perch upon a 6' glitter tree.

Three samples of our elaborate masks shown above with our sparkling black and white
candle holders, an ornate iron mirror, antique wedding cake chandelier
and tiny picado paper garland.

Clock prop, giant silver candelabra and the pair of paper
slippers are from our artist Lesa Dailey.

Our black and white festival papers are one of my favorite items. I could keep these up
all year long. Cut them apart and use small sections on a mantle,
hang as a valance or under a glass top table.

Our giant garden statuary tip-toes through our forest of black bottle brush trees.
A hand crochet mask from artist Julie Reed. Tiny top hat headband
are for sale in the store.

Any old chandelier can become dramatic when you add a dozen feather ravens.

Shot by Carol Spinski

Getting freaky in the kitchen: stainless skull place card holders,
serving tray, pot holders, mugs and more...

More Springheads

Greg Johnson replenished his alien button portraits.

And not to forget the jewelry department, we have some great owl necklaces too.

Shot by my friend Carol Spinski

Popular blogger Artsy Mama interviewed me a month ago about how we plan our Halloween displays. You can read it here.

Believe it or not, many more images to come over the next month. Please stop in!