Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Amy Barickman Book Signing

Let me tell you about someone who works harder than I do: My good friend, entrepreneur and business owner: Amy Barickman.

Amy and I met 10 years ago when she wandered into my first store. She became a good customer and eventually, a dear friend. With both of us being business owners in Kansas City, Amy and I have been fortunate enough to share the pages of our local Kansas City Star newspaper, Country Living magazine (2007) and the current issue of Where Women Create. We have been roommates during Silver Bella and the Mary Englebreit Creative Seminar and during those times (and many beers in between) shared our trials over business owning, tossed ideas back and forth about design projects and been shoulders for each other during life's lessons.

Amy has two successful businesses: Indygo Junction and Vintage Workshop and now she has created a third. A few years ago when she discovered the works of domestic artist Mary Brooks Picken, everything changed for Amy. She was a woman obsessed! Something about Mary Picken from 1916 touched her heart and she had to write about her. As I like to tell everyone, this book is the story of the first Martha Stewart, Mary Brooks Picken.

This past year has been jam packed for my friend. Not only was she keeping her businesses, employees, ideas and projects flowing, but she also designed a new website, blog and self published the book VINTAGE NOTIONS which comes with a crazy press junket attached.
AND! She also has two kids to take care of!

Read about the book here.

This Thursday night she presents her labor of love (and sweat and tears) to Kansas City for the first time at our local Plaza Library. Read about her presentation here.

Curious Sofa is fortunate to have Amy in the store this Saturday from 11:00-2:00 for a book signing, but there is more! I encouraged Amy to rummage through her massive collection of textiles, needlework and paper ephemera on all things home-economic and bring it along to sell to you.

Please join us at The Sofa, meet Amy and take away a bit of history.
And Widgeonwood Market is going on at the same time too!
Out of towners, buy the book here.