Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Big Bonanza Weekend

A chair for sale at Junk Bonanza. It stopped me because
it is a very close design to a project I have up my sleeve.

As I drove away last Wednesday to attend the Creative Connection Event in Minneapolis, I thought I would 'just stop by' the Junk Bonanza Antique Show also going on 20 minutes away in Shakopee, MN. What the heck, I'm there, I'm a junker, I need merchandise for the shop- after all this is what I do. And yes, I had certainly heard of the show, know all about Ki who started it, I knew it was well known to Minneapolis but... I was not prepared for what was ahead.

I thought this simple burlap bag, thrown over theses vinyl bar stools
was a perfect, quick and easy touch for the food court at the show.

I am not a morning person. This idiosyncrasy of mine does not go well with being a junker. Standing in line at 7 a.m. for the latest and greatest estate sale item is just not going to happen. Not even the thrill of getting an item before anyone else can lure me out of bed that early. But for some reason something told me I probably should be at Junk Bonanza when the doors opened. This requires days of training on my part because I must start going to bed before midnight to prepare for an important antique show like this.

Wednesday night, I arrived at the Hyatt, cleaned up and headed to the exhibit hall for the Handmade Market at the Creative Connection Event. What an amazing group of artists: jewelry, clothes, soap, candles, textiles, ephemera, antiques and booths and booths of original goods. I bought, I took notes and I went back for round two. At 10 p.m. I went to my room and went to bed, what a shock.

I was pretty darn proud of myself to be out the door at 7 a.m. with just a quick ATM stop in the lobby. I was already picturing myself one of the first in line, but then, due to a technical malfunction of my Starbucks app I arrive at 8:15. No worries, still better than my usual clock-in time.

I knew well enough to move fast, ponder quickly, grab and go. What I did not know was what kind of dealers did this show. I had to hunt and gather as fast as my dog stroller would take me (without Pearl, this was now for momma to cart the goods) and take it all in before buying- but that was IMPOSSIBLE! What I found was an amazing show, amazing dealers and even more amazing stuff. I wasn't there 10 minutes before I had to text my BJF (best junkin' friend) and say, "OMG. OMG!! BETTER THAN ROUND TOP!!!"

It just does my heart good to know a show was put together well. Large but not too large, good dealers but not too good with outrageous prices, a great assortment but not soup to real nuts. You could tell most were carefully handpicked, worked their booth and their look with care, had useful, decorating items and fluffed and twirled and added merchandise daily. I WAS SO HAPPY!! I apologize for not having more pictures but I was really busy buying things for you!!

Seeing this show just after attending the Old Summit show the prior weekend (which I didn't think could get any better) what more can a girl ask for? Oh, yea... Round Top NEXT WEEKEND!! (Don't worry Marburger, you're all still the queen.)

Now kicking myself I didn't buy that bait sign.

I loved how my friend and jewelry artist Sarah Smith displayed her
silver in these old bed springs.

At the Creative Connection Event guest speaker, the one and only Pioneer Woman,
Ree Drummond with Jo Packham, co-creator of the event.
The new Where Women Cook magazine coming soon.

And the 12:15 a.m. car accident I had driving home from Minneapolis!
Blinded on the highway by a hail storm/micro burst and flooded bridge.
(Good news: Driver and all antiques are fine!)

And as always, I leave you with a few new items
for sale on the website...