Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Almost October

Read all about it: Our latest love seat covered in canvas, burlap and calligraphy.

Ahh, October. Is there a more favorite month of the year? Whatever city, state or country you might be in, October almost always brings perfect weather. The last traces of summer are behind us and the lovely spirit of the Holiday Season is just over the hill. This is when I start getting excited because I can dust off the boots, grab a scarf and run more errands without watching the temperature.

In the store we are still acquiring the goods to prepare your home for Halloween and beyond. Take a look at some of our latest entries:

Tea stained paper documents for crafts or framing.

Ceramic canisters.

Flat tray of flatware.

Vintage Watercolor Print

Hand painted Provencal style Hutch

Vintage Whole Cloth Quilt

New Iridescent Scarves and Beaded Jewelry

Newsboy Caps and more jewelry

Artisan-made Aged Brass Cross Necklaces

And more Halloween still arriving!

XL Black Paper Roses

Multi-strand Necklace, Glossy Candelabra (find it here)

Mercury Skeleton Trays, Skull Votive and Skeleton Matches

Restocked: Skull Card Holders

Vintage Street Sign

Chandelier Paper Garland (find it here)

Glitter Cat Silhouette, Paper Rose Bouquet

Player Piano Rolls. I love the little pull-down tab, imagine these as window blinds!

Wicker Wall Basket, Feather Ornaments, Owl Parchment,

Fork Topiary/Place Card Holder (find it here)

Vintage Rooster and Chicken sitting among our Fall wreath (find it here)
Sheep prints in the background (find them here)

Vintage Woven Wool Felt Rug

Rustic Basket (find it here) and Vintage Flour Can

Also added to the online store:

Set of Cast Iron Faucet Handles

Silver Candelabra

Vintage Doll Arms

Hope to see you in the store this week (or 24/7 online!). Lots of Fall goods, new and old, are arriving daily.