Friday, October 01, 2010

The Project File

I have a new fascination for all things cardboard. (It's my new burlap!)

I have a folder on my computer titled 'Things To Make'. It has been sitting there for years, slowly accumulating pictures I see as I flip through blogs, e-magazines, and websites. They are images that call out the artist in me and say, "You need to do this!" Every once in awhile I open the file and keep on dreaming about the day I will sit down and make one or all of these.

Since opening the store 99% of anything creative I do seems to be shop related. I do make things (for the shop), I buy crafty things (for the shop), I plan ideas (for the shop), but one day I hope to set up a real, organized studio (not photo worthy- but
functional) and spend days, weeks, or months just playing and completing all the things that I want to do- for me.

In the meantime, I thought I would at least share some of these pictures with you- maybe one of you can get started on some of them for me!

With the new cupcake craze, wouldn't it be fun for one of those shops
to have these permanently lined up on a shelf!

Now this idea just cannot get any simpler!

Cardboard cross, covered with your favorite paper and random wire.

Wine bottles covered in muslin and gesso with stenciled letters.

Spool of twine made into a lamp.

An average bottle collection painted white.

Printed images made into sachets.

A tiny strip of monogram ribbon sewn on a simple pillow.

Random square initials sewn on a burlap ottoman.

A simple faded red cross sewn on a cotton pillow.

Charms and tidbits sewn on a ribbon then sewn on
a pillow (or imagine as a necklace).

Scraps of your favorite trims made into a necklace.

A funky ruffled collar made from torn fabrics.

And finally from Heather Bullard, this wonderful crest complied
of her favorite things.

I have saved these images for so long, I cannot give credit where
credit is due on all the rest, sorry!