Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Back in the Saddle

John Dusenberry 1929-1982

I am back in the store today after a little vacation celebrating my 54th (yikes) birthday. I haven't had any none-business related time off since, well... forever! I spent the week at a friends house at the Lake of the Ozarks. The weather was perfect and doing nothing was divine. (Of course I antiqued for you! Those pics to come.)

This birthday was especially important to me as my father passed away at 54. Back then, even at a young 25, I knew my father died at an early age, and now that I have hit this number too- it seems even younger. My dad loved to fish and taught me how as well. He bought a vintage trailer at Sunrise Beach (where I was) and he and my mom would head down there after work every Friday for the weekend. He loved the lake and it seemed to bring out even more of the calm, centered man that he already was. My mom said he would get very quiet come Sunday when he knew they had to pack up and head home. I know now just what she means. There is a tranquility that comes from sitting by the lake, nestled in the woods, doing as little as possible.

The Dusenberry Family, circa 1960

He died of cancer 29 years ago and when I think of him now, the tears flow like it was yesterday. He was a good man and had none of the issues you sometimes hear of today about fathers. He adored me and my mother, I never heard him swear, I never saw him drunk, he never had a negative thing to say about anyone, he was never mean or even angry. (Well maybe once when I lied at 14 that I was at a girlfriends house but I was driving around with a 24 year old guy) So you can see, this number was big. When your parents die young, you're never really sure you're going to hit that number yourself, so when it arrives it is a very big deal...

And just for grins, a picture of Pearl waiting for mom to unsuccessfully catch dinner.

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