Friday, October 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

Banners made with Christmas lyrics and Bible quotes
were used throughout the store.

On Thursday night, Curious Sofa celebrated our Tenth Year of Christmases!! For months we unpack, for weeks we prepare, and for two days we close the store to transform the shop into what you are about to see. This year our holiday decor did not have any particular theme. I just design each department around what I find that inspires me and what vignettes we haven't done before.

We always open our doors the night before our public reveal for a private party with 65 special customers who sustain us throughout the year. Champagne, food and music are flowing as they get a sneak peek at the goods. During all of this, my incredible staff is still standing, smiling and helping after a grueling week of getting everything together. Come 8 p.m., after the doors close, we are all spent. (And the Open House hasn't even begun!) Later over dinner, we concluded there is a much needed energy that happens when customers see what we have been up to. The squeals are heard from across the store, everyone gets in the Christmas spirit and the cash register is ringing. After all, that is what we do it for.

Take a look around and see what we have in store for you this Holiday Season. Here is just a sampling of what to expect and much more is to come over the next six weeks. Only 56 days 'til Christmas!

I posted an APB on Facebook for all my friends to send me tree stump sightings!

As you enter, I opted for a simple, Scandinavian style setting
complete with firewood bed frame and antique bedding.

If only I could wear this leather coat with fur collar,
... so Valley of the Dolls!

My all-day project: Birch branch display and yarn ornaments.

Another DD project: Lace trim, doilies & scrap images on old plates.

The white room.

Our spin on a white Thanksgiving.

"For the Fruit of the Spirit is Love..." Gal. 5.22
Wire wrapped fruit near our religious display.

Behind the counter, our snowy rooftop and lighted houses.

Pale blues used in another bedroom area.

...and all things silver of course.

The Boudoir with a touch of pink.

In the center of the store, our chalk busts displayed with new and vintage
ornaments, pearl trees and layers of vintage necklaces.

I layered my antique photograph collection along the
back wall with our winter hats and scarves.

Who's Don and why is he wearing gay apparel?

And waiting patiently for the mayhem to end:
(Not for sale)