Thursday, September 23, 2010

Atelier des Ours

If this is the wedding dress, can you imagine
what the rest of the event looked like?!

I nearly died yesterday as I stumbled upon Atelier des Ours, a tiny boutique in Uzes, France. Oh to visit this little jewel someday!- but for now, that is what the web is for. The style is not for everyone, but you have to admire such a straight-on vision this artist has to design clothes exactly as she sees. There is not an ounce of compromise in this woman's art. I don't know a thing about her so just scroll through and enjoy and let your own creative nature get ideas. I know mine are a flowin'.

Another,"Why didn't I think of that?" moment: rolled baby tulle
used as heads on the mannequins which made me think,
wouldn't it be cool to use giant bee's nests for Spring!

This entire site makes me want to run to the thrift store and start
stock-piling clothes. An easy enough to make wool hat.

Be still my heart for these textures and color palette. Detail, detail, detail.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Now I know why I have held on to a thick cotton under shirt I found
at the thrift store years ago. The button placket is just like this one.

Just once, I want to see someone run out
to get their newspaper in the morning dressed like this.