Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ten Big Ones

Ten Years Ago today, I opened a little shop called Curious Sofa at 329 Southwest Blvd. in Kansas City, MO. The very first item I sold was an ivory teapot with matching cup and saucer that said PARIS on it. The customer was a stranger who just happened to walk in, not knowing this was my first sale on my first day of owning a small business. Back then, thinking ahead to a possible ten years in business was not even on my mind, but here I am.

I have written about our anniversary every year on this blog and as always there are many to thank. Currently my amazing staff: Heather Fraser (with me 6 years!), Abby Campbell (over 5 1/2), Dana Rimmer and Jessi Ahren (each over two years). This is the longest complete team I have had and it shows. I am stopped occasionally by a customer who just wants to tell me what an amazing group I have and don't I know it. If you only knew what they do behind the scenes as well as take care of all of you. They are each and every one, amazing.

As I write this I am unfortunately away from the store but my team presented me with a wonderful cake and champagne before I left for Minnesota. My dream had always been to have a full-on 1o year anniversary party, complete with a French Quartet, catering and full-on street fair weekend festivities, but here I sit!

So here is a big hug and thank you to my staff and ALL OF YOU who read this blog, shop in the store, (and now shop online!); you visit us, bring us treats and gifts, send us emails of encouragement or thank yous. No store can prosper without a fan base and we have the best.

Thank you again. They went by fast.