Saturday, January 07, 2012

Buttoned Up

One pattern for the over achiever!

Due to my recent fascination with Pinterest, this online community has really got my wheels spinning on doing a project or two. Will I ever find the time to try my hand at some of these ideas? Probably not, but I can dream and file them away in the To Do pile. This image is what started my latest obsession:

From the Waterbury Button Museum in Mattutuck, CT

What stopped me in my tracks was the amazing patterns that were created to display these buttons so perfectly. It reminded me of an ancient mosaic or a design from a primitive quilt but more importantly it lead me to see if we all had the right patten (which could easily be conjured up online or drafted on our computer) any one of use could do this! As talented as I am at some things I have never been able to draw freehand which is why I more attracted to graphic design and this idea suites me perfectly.

Take a look at some outstanding examples of what to do with that button stash you have (and I know you do!)

Mother of Pearl on black felt is always dramatic.

Forget sewing, pin buttons to a foam core board.

This coloring looks like it was inspired by a Southwest design

At first glance this could have easily been seashells.

No color goes to waste.

ALSO, last week many new items were added online and more to come tomorrow. Check back often or sign up to be the first to know here.