Monday, January 23, 2012

One Is Not Enough

Wonderful ironstone in no particular order.

When I revamped my online store last fall, I knew I wanted to add a new Farmhouse category because of my personal love for humble household items. Little did I know that my passion started to show as I found myself adding more and more country ticking fabric, galvanized metal objects, raw wood pieces and the ever lovable ironstone china to my inventory.

9" Ironstone Pitcher, 45.00 buy here

If you are a regular reader of this blog, a piece of two of ironstone is sure to be somewhere in your home. Ask anyone who loves it and they will no doubt say that it is the simple design, the thick solid weight or the range of neutral colors that attract us to ironstone. Do we actually use them for food or water? Probably not. More likely you collect them for display the way a more modern family may show off artwork or books. Occasionally yes, we will fill them with seashells, Christmas ornaments or fresh Spring flowers and if you are lucky enough to have an XL flawless platter, it may very well make its way to the Thanksgiving table once a year. For now, I just love collecting, looking, and decorating with it.

Romantic ribbed styles mixed with primitive styles.

I was going to write a long narrative about where ironstone came from, how it has changed over the years, how to clean it, etc., but then I laughed at myself, "Who cares?!!" I love it because I love it. Pitchers, platters, bowls, plates or butter pats; small, large, square, oval, round; some chipped, some stained, some rare, some valuable- but always breathtaking piled on a shelf and always fun to hunt down at your favorite antique show. Enjoy the view.

Pair of Platters, 38.00 buy here

Who wouldn't want a wall to fill with all white dishes?

Large ribbed platter, 48.00 buy here

From the Curious Sofa archives, a collection of rare ironstone punch bowls found in Round Top, Texas

Yes, we love them stained too! 17" Ironstone Platter, 32.00 buy here

So many shapes, so many styles!

Always good to display against another neutral background.

Pair of Large Platters (No. 2), 58.00 buy here