Monday, December 17, 2012

December 18, 2012

I was so inspired from a photo shoot by Tim Walker of these giant murals. Oh to have a loft again and be able to do this.

And so goes the countdown: only a week to go as Christmas brings such strange feelings, habits and memories. Whether you are knee deep in a gift buying, wrapping up a project or planning a major change, the December 25th date always has such significance when it comes to thinking about your life. The new year goes hand in hand with clearing your calendar and starting over.

For me, the changes usually begin in February after the holiday mayhem has died down a bit. In January I am off to the Atlanta Gift Show to find new items for the website. I have a craft day planned with girlfriends just to zone out and make something. I am growing my client list by consulting with small businesses as well as handling their networking, graphic design and marketing. My mother turns 92! (and still lives alone and will out live us all) and once all of that is over I am going to honker down and redesign the website to be more user friendly, offer more bells and whistles and basically work on work.

Shown here are some of the pics that I posted to Facebook and Pinterest this week and other images I found interesting.

I wish in my former life as a stylist I would have had a project like this. "Deb, we need you to buy about 10,000 white flowers..."

Is anyone else changing styles? I am currently in a Spanish/Moroccan/India decor kind of mood. All neutral of course!
Pet free living.
I loved how this giant basket was suspended to the wall as a shelf.
I have a Pinterest board for my love of wallpaper and I posted this image above, not only for the walls but how easy it was to make this room look like Spring. A green pillow, a ladder and two large prints with an insect and butterfly- done.
I found this image yesterday and loved the serious, antique portraits used with the industrial lights and informal room.
Sometimes I see something that would normally be in bad taste but because of how they are used, it suddenly looks really cool. Case in point: these tacky, plastic gold roosters look divine against this dark wall and kitchen clutter. Surely I can find these at a thrift store.
Gang your pictures tight with overlapping for more drama.
More brilliance! Turn your books around and see that backwards is good.
This is why I like white, nothing dull about it.
A wonderful old cover from Christmas past.
J. Peterman
Amazing wall typography graphics in a cool cafe.
Scrappy wood tree with added embellishment.
In memory of the terrible tragedy in Newtown, CT. 

 Prayers and Peace to all of you this Season.