Thursday, December 27, 2012

December 27, 2012

The new favicon

Do you know what a Favicon is? Some of you techies do. It is that little icon that shows up in the title bar of a website you are at. More likely than not, it is a company logo but if you do not design and load your own favicon for your personal website, the web server, host or program you are in will use theirs for you. My website has never had one which annoyed me too death as it used to be an ugly insignia from my e-commerce program so I finally designed this little Betsy Ross flag to be my own personal Favicon (I am sure someone else is using this flag too somewhere on the web) but this was just right for Curious Sofa.

New facebook header
 I also like to redesign my Facebook header every month to coincide with the seasons or merchandise I might be selling. Now that we are into a new year, I decided to replace my headers with this one above. I recently designed this as a new business card and also a thank you card for all my website purchases.

My new bookmark size business card
The back of the business card. So helpful with all the info that is needed now.
The new postcard with every purchase at

I came back from my road trip to St Louis to see Elizabeth and found so many great vintage items to sell to all of you. Here are some of the items that were added to the website last week.

Cameo Pin, $22.00
Antique Stove Top Fragment, $38.95
Set of 3, Long Stem Paper Flowers, $13.50
Wire Velocipede Bicycle, $19.95

Ivory School Globe, $38.95

Newsboy Cap, $19.95
Ethnic Charm Necklace, $32.95
16" Antler Mount, $58.95
Rhinestone Earrings, $23.95
Set of 2, Bubble Glass Jars, $29.95

Umbrella/Jewelry Stand, $32.95
Iron Boot, $19.95
Set of 2, Vitreous China Plates, $26.95
10" Royal Crown Ornamentation, $11.95

And so many more things not pictured here and to come. SHOP HERE

How was your Christmas? Below are some holiday posts I made on Facebook last week:

What will you be wearing on Christmas Day?

And wonderful cookie decorating ideas:

No calories!

And some gift wrapping ideas:

And a collection of amazing antique dog pictures I found on Flickr. 
This is from the Libby Hall collection:

Is it snowing where you are?

And your Sunday Message

Wishing you all a wonderful new year!