Friday, January 18, 2013

January 19, 2013


Happy New Year everyone! It's over two weeks in and I am finally back to the blog.

January has already been full of events, travel and shopping. I just returned from the Atlanta Gift Show where twice a year retailers discover new trends, goods and future products to offer you.

I have come to look forward to these trips now that I have developed many friendships with vendors and retailers but I am only sad that I meet with them only once a year. Many showrooms had Christmas in full regalia as this is when 2013 holiday items are purchased. Some find it hard to get in the Xmas mood but I find it much easier to do now than in July!

I am always asked of what trends I see coming down the pike and my answer this year is that more and more manufacturer's are making vintage and antique inspired goods. For the novice it will be hard to determine what is new or old but that is not such a bad thing. (hint: the price will tell you!). Having wonderful old items made into newer, maybe even better made products is always cheaper than the original and can be great for decorating and gift giving. I know this was my mission for you: to find items small or large, decorative or not that you simply must have whether it is the antique original or not. I want to be known for this. I will always offer original, one-of-a-kind vintage and antique items but the newer made products are just too good to be ignored. Stay connected to Facebook or my email newsletters to know when these products start arriving.

This month on Facebook:
I wandered: If I started a business known as HALF-a-million dollar decorating, how many clients would I get?


 While in Atlanta, I was inspired by these showrooms: 

Authentic, antique Dior mannequins

This mirror surrounded by pencils!

Wonderful old shabby chair

This mirror surrounded by pencils

Endless apothecary jars

Yes! I will be carrying this! French style dress form.

I wish my local library would display like this!


Old 35mm slides as a window shade

Hang old utensils and silver as wall art

Dead trees with wood burning designs.


Bichon Heaven!

Were you happy with the winner?

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