Thursday, October 10, 2013

Todays Great Collection

Collections are great. I have gone through a few in my lifetime: It all began with stuffed animals as a child then when I moved out of the house I discovered singer Wanda Jackson and a full-on country western fetish began! My first apartment had a crazy collection of Southwest salt & pepper shakers, cowboy boots, serape blankets, and Mexican tin. Many garage sales later I moved on to my Out of Africa phase with faded floral paintings, trunks and oil lamps. Then Legends of the Fall lead me to my log cabin stage with silver candlesticks, Indian paraphernalia and animal skins!

Although my personal collections have come and gone I still love acquiring items to sell on the website. Some that you all love are: silver candlesticks and picture frames, oil cans, silver or glass salt & pepper shakers, pig cutting boards and always ironstone.

The above image  is certainly one way to display a collection but filling a bowl, lining a wall or showcasing in a vintage frame would work too.