Saturday, July 19, 2008

Design Obsessed

I returned last Monday from the Atlanta gift market to find that my beloved Bichon Pearl, had tried to chew her leg off while I was gone. Actually, the babysitter took her to the vet and found the dreaded summer 'hot spot' on her leg from heat, allergy or whatever. I had never heard of such a thing as she had remained unscathed up until this point, but I trust in Leslie her caretaker to do what is necessary to fix her up.

(Canine Reenactment)

I open Leslie's door to find my 12 pound ball of fluff with one of those hideous e-collars on her neck and I gasped at the bad design of it all- not to mention the fact that Pearl was paralyzed with shame or fear at what the heck she was wearing. (If mother like daughter she wanted this bad style removed immediately!) This hard white plastic shell was so big she couldn't walk and just stood and stared at me with that, "Are you kidding me with this?" look.

I immediately took it off of her knowing that my good parenting would keep her from itching or chewing more fur from her leg. When we got home I kept a watch on her but knew this medical collar might have to be used while she was sleeping. I decided to trim it down so she could walk better, and well- one thing lead to another and I found myself getting out the hole punch to make eyelets, scalloping the edges for flair and a few silk ribbons for a well needed feminine touch. The results...

You already know I am not a fan of cute or pink or ruffles but hey, she's a white powder puff so who better to pull off this look? Little did I know I could have taken a fabulous old lampshade and achieved the same results! We we're rolling at the store as I couldn't help but compare her resemblance to Gone With the Winds' Aunt Pittypat!

Good for a laugh even at Pearls expense.