Friday, July 25, 2008

Idle Time

...July into August is an interesting part of summer as all things seem to be downhill after the 4th. Unbearably hot weather seems to go on for weeks, watering the garden becomes a chore and attitudes are in turmoil waiting for something to look forward to.

They say summer is idle time, but do any of us know how to do that anymore? I for one admit to being the laziest person on earth. Give me a chair and a beverage and I'm good for at least 8 hours.

So as a retailer, what do I do to show people there is still as much interest and motivation to buy, decorate and experiment as if Thanksgiving were right around the corner?... You keep things simple. Because whether our lives are simple or not, our surroundings can be and they are much easier to control than our circumstances!

Since my clearance sale, everyone is asking what I am doing with my home now. I am proud to say, I am in no hurry. I am enjoying my 'less is more' surroundings. Just this week my stylist friends at Hallmark called to come over and scout for a photo shoot. I laughed and warned them, "You know, I really did sell everything. All I have is a bed and a sofa." I explained my clothes were in laundry baskets, the spare bedroom has become a giant junk closet until things find a new container and any 'ol rickety table I pick up has turned into my vanity, desk and dining table. So what happened? They loved it! Go figure.

Now before you think I really do have it decorated and just not sharing, Hallmark rarely wants my stuff, they just need the bones of the house for background, a neutral palette and a few good windows- so that I can deliver. In fact, they fill my yard and porch with tons of their own furniture and props that they bring from headquarters.

Throughout this blog I am sharing some of the newest goods that have arrived this week. These new Katie Brown French Picnic dishes are my current favorite. Simple and imperfect, rustic ceramic dishware. The pedestals are perfect size, the rimmed side dishes are an unexpected design and the plates look like someone (really good) just turned them on a wheel and plopped them in a kiln. Use these along with her burlap tablecloths- after a trip to the Saturday framers market, how could things be more simple?

We also changed our Love Shack to house a vintage iron bed with white linens and a small lamp. Curl up with a good book, open the windows and dream on.

The giant birdcage also arrived this week along with the funky patio set. I would love to see the table and chairs inside rather than out and the birdcage taking center stage on a mantle or buffet. The vignettes one can assemble inside are endless!

And finally, some unexpected jewelry here at the Sofa: chunky, ethnic pendants on leather straps. Grab a white tank top and you're done!

FYI: Our SOFA SALE starts August 18th. This new loveseat just arrived (along with two other pieces) so we are getting ready for you.