Sunday, July 06, 2008

Grey Gardens

I was interviewed recently for a local Home Design magazine and was thrilled with the layout and photos they used from the store. It's weird for me to read things I say in a magazine as I always hope the reader understands what I mean in the right context. In this interview I was asked about my use of color (or lack of) and what my current favorite texture is: my answer? Driftwood. I decided to share my current passion for all things grey.

Maybe it comes from my photography background but things are just more dramatic or emotional to me when you can concentrate on tones, shades, hues and texture and not intense pigment.

The grey and neutral tones of this room scene turn opulent with the touches of gold.

Nothing is better than the patina of concrete, stone or plaster statuary.

This is a swatch from a linen tablecloth but could easily be wallpaper.

Some may think wearing grey would make you look washed out but I say it's all in the construction (note all the great stitching, pockets and details). A grey wardrobe can also be accessorized with tons of silver, brass or gold jewelry for interest and will always look great with a small pop of color like pink or turquoise.

Whether it is zinc, pot metal or galvanized- dusty old pots only get better with age.

From Elie Saab and this wedding dress from the current Paris couture collections. Imagine with a bouquet of deep red roses....

Grey bedding is also the perfect mix with white sheets and men will love it!

And the classic of course- grey flannel suit.

Is there anything classier than grey hair with grey clothes? Instant chic.

I often wonder why car colors are so boring- although there are plenty of greys to choose from.

Another lovely creation without color. Imagine how garish this would have been in red. I also adore how the grey neutral shoe can make the leg look longer and so elegant.

Even reproduction art can seem authentic and expensive in neutral tones.

Like the color white, there are a thousand shades of grey.

Environmental artist John Dahlsen uses driftwood to create art.

I also love when greys turn to shades of blue.

I love the dirty color beige lace over grey used here.

Is this an ombre cat?

Mother Nature always does it best... a rare grey Labrador!