Friday, July 16, 2010

Bringing Up Baby

Giant animal topiaries adorn the front entrance of B. Braithwaite in Atlanta.

From their website, the breathtaking white palette inside.

From the outside in, B. Braithwaite has it going on. My first response to this lovely Atlanta baby store was, "Look! There is no hot pink in sight! I' m loving this!"

Doing baby doesn't always mean the design has to be cute. It doesn't have to be kids-stuff either. It can have a calm, clean and ethereal sophistication that any room in your home deserves. Just because a little one has come into your lives doesn't mean you forget that grown ups live there too.

B. Braithwaite not only effected me aesthetically as a retailer but if I had ever become a mother, this is how I might have done it. Notice the overall style; color first!! The neutral palette of white and cream covers every inch of the interior. It immediately tells you who is in charge- the parents! The matching of the ruffled chandeliers to the ruffled basket liners; the texture of plush white teddy bears everywhere and the upscale whimsy that was used to remind you who their customer is. Of course I was also smiling at the clothing the staff wore: soft summer linens in the color of the store which was perfect pairing. For one of them to work in red or royal blue would just not cut it. Take a look around and don't miss it if you're in the area.

A white teddy bear sits next to a bouquet of paper flowers and under puffed paper hearts.

A fun wreath of teddy bears over a fragrance display.

Outdoor branches were adorned with handmade paper leaves.

One of my favorite items: A molded laminate teddy bear lamp. (They had elephants and giraffes too!) Do you have to be a kid to use these?

Another whimsical display using a stuffed giraffe head and dried branches.

The over sized drum shades with ruffled edge used throughout the store.

These ruffled liners were in every basket of small goods.

Sleeping under the stars: A wooden tree peeks out among packages of bedding.