Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lost in Transition

Just in, this vintage glass lamp with gathered shade.
The concrete cherub wears one of our crystal cluster necklaces.

The slow passage from July into August is a bit baffling for me as a retailer. When it is still 95 degrees outside its hard for me to start selling wreaths and pumpkins or begin burning our harvest scented candles. (Not that all of that hasn't been arriving, mind you.) The back room is filling fast with fourth quarter merriment and just today I designed our Halloween postcard. Working weeks and months ahead of certain holidays is customary but it can also leave the current season in the dust.

I love it when I find these old quilts made from mens suiting.
It's a bit rough around the edges but would make for great pillows!

Painted black table with delicate legs.

If this rusted metal lamp doesn't sell right away, it will be
a great centerpiece for our Fall decor.

Framed lettering.

This summer I have been working non-stop on preparing our new website with online shopping. I knew it would be a long battle and was nearly certain I could make the August 1 deadline because I started preparing in May! But as usual it was more work than I had expected. One minute I want it to be perfect then lately, at 3:00 a.m. I decide, "This is good enough..." I won't go into the angst over the design (I hope you like the change and understand the simplicity) or the product (some things are in the store, some are not) the categories (mostly things that are easy to ship) and if every picture and description is clear and accurate. Oh well, stand by. I'll send up a flare when its ready.

This giant copper lined concave mirror would be perfect for most entryways.

Stacking baskets with enamel letters.

Had to have it! I am crazy about this vintage lamp with chain link design and silver shade.

This week the newest issue of Where Women Create hits the stand and we have a great spread featuring the store, my office and our workroom (look for Amy Butler on the cover). I'll post some images from it in a few days. In the meantime, take a look at some of the new goods we just got in and please try to make it in this week for one last look at our Summer, waiting for Fall.

Set of four vintage florals.

Hand painted German boudoir dolls (from my personal collection.)

I am not usually a fan of chenille but this has a simple
graphic design- and in great shape too.

Beautiful millinery flowers under a Florentine cloche.

Halloween Open House, August 27-29!!!