Sunday, July 25, 2010

Falling Star

Is it just me or is this seasons HGTV Design Star the worst thing to come along in the design world since plastic slipcovers? What is going on here?!! Last night's show just about did me in so I had to post something about it. If you are like me you cannot help but watch and underneath the internal screams ask yourself, "what would I have done?"

Tonight's challenge was to design an apartment in a new Trump Plaza complex. Anyone within arms reach of a paint chip should already know this means your design better be good, it better be glam and it better be finished! Now when I say finished I do not mean the paint better be dry I mean pulled together. Rugs, window treatments, art, furniture, objects, style... that's what design is! It seems no one told this bunch.

To add the proverbial prime-time twist to this task they give each contestant their inspiration for the makeover: a New York souvenir or landmark to design their room around. Already I smell disaster because past episodes have shown this team has no imagination. Here is an example of past projects:

The white box challenge. I think I would have walked off the show
if I had been a judge after seeing this.

A patio challenge: One hot mess is all I can say.

Designing a room from a floral bouquet: How many colors
of blue can one room have?

Now for this weeks episode:
The Inspiration: The New York Skyline

How they expressed it:

The Inspiration: Times Square

How they expressed it: (no, I am not kidding!)

A large Times Square mural and glistening globe lights to remember
dropping the ball on New Years Eve.

Inspiration: The New York Taxi Cab
How they expressed it:

(what is not shown: a tiny cab toy under glass!)

WHY DIDN'T THEY DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS?I love seeing this style of black and white floor with a more modern twist
rather than using the typical check.

The touch of turquoise was just right to break up the black and yellow palette.

Inspiration: The Statue of Liberty
Here is what they did:
Yes, this is the after picture!

Can you imagine using this image and building the room around it
using patina colors like Liberty herself? Oh, the possibilities!

While researching this post I see I am not alone in my angst over this show. The HGTV website, chat rooms and blog have been inundated with negative comments about this series. Each week the judges try to find something positive to say to the contestants about their hideous designs when I am screaming from the couch, "There is nothing good to say!" Where is the Simon Cowell judge to tell these clowns they don't have a clue?! I was excited to see Mark Burnett had taken over the production but I am not sure he is in charge of the tasks, the casting or the judges. All I know is Donald Trump Jr. finally told the contestants what they should have heard from day one, "I am tearing out what you did as we speak." Now that's good TV!