Friday, October 07, 2011

Modest Curiosity

.I am loving the collection of amateur scenic paintings on this
wall above along with the traditional floral centerpiece,
primitive table and modern chairs.

Many of you wouldn't think of Curious Sofa as having a modern aesthetic and rightfully so. But as the years tick away and style trends come and go it is hard to not notice the mid-century mania that is going on. I for one just like good design period, no matter what year it was launched. And although a house full of modern style is hard for me to warm up to, I certainly like a touch of it now and then especially when it is a well-loved vintage item. I added a Modish category to the online store for this very reason. Adding just one touch of modern to your home can be all you need to acknowledge this fresh trend.

Black and white decor with sharp angles but yet a vintage crystal
chandelier hangs center stage to soften it just a bit.

FOR SALE: Add this Square Button Trim to a pillow
for modern drama.

Miscellaneous framed images hung simply over a small workspace.
Notice the antique rug taking it from serious to welcoming.

FOR SALE: Frame this Original Sketch to mix with other random art.

Notice the large hem of fabric at the bottom of the curtains and
how it ties in with the proportion of the pictures on the wall.

FOR SALE: This Jute Rope Pendant Light is a great
example of Farmhouse Modern.

I wish this was all the desk space I needed!

FOR SALE: Use a smaller Side Table next to a larger desk to
add dimensional interest and hold a small lamp or papers.

The giant sculpture on this table is great for everyday design.
Keep it or move it to a pedestal when having a dinner party.

FOR SALE: This Bamboo Mirror would look perfect in the room above.

Jean Shrimpton only needed these earrings below:

FOR SALE: Metal Hoop Dangle Earrings

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