Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mood Swings

Bits and baubles, scraps and samples, tear sheets and postcards; there is nothing I love more than my drawers and old suitcases full of all the little paper mementos I have collected over the years. For one reason or another I have to save this, remember that, or refer to a little token that I just could not throw away. As the years add up, every once in awhile I go through all this ephemera and it inevitably takes me back to a trip I took, an artist I discovered or an idea I wanted to use. Now it seems there is a name for all these lovelies; its called a Mood Board.

I never gave all this mayhem a name before, it was just my box of scraps, but from Project Runway to Pinterest, creating a mood board is becoming a prerequisite for living a creative life. Whether you keep your stash in a special trunk or have it hanging on a bulletin board, compiling all these bits into an artistic melange is a wonderful way to keep the juices flowing. Take a look around at all the varieties and themes you can create and a few ways to display them too.

The mood board above is obviously a daily reminder of all
the things this person loves.

A mood board (or folder) of colors, fabrics, furniture and ideas is crucial when redoing your home or any room.

I love how adding the giant antlers at the top of this mood board helps break up all the rectangular shapes and gives the display more importance as an art piece.

Look closely at how four sections above this desk are 12" deep giving this mood board more dimension.

Your mood board doesn't have to be a mumble jumble of scraps. Keep all pictures the same size and hang evenly for more order.

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