Saturday, October 29, 2011

Seven Shiny Items on Saturday

.One amazing sconce light is all this stairway needed for minimal drama.

Although I have never been the type of gal that wants to "get her bling on" I do love a little sparkle when it comes to adding a glistening touch to a display or home decor. Now that the holidays are catching up with us, its only natural to start seeing all the silver, mercury, glitter and glass throughout the stores. As my friend Karla Nathan says, "Everything is better with glitter!"

As I was adding more items to, I noticed my silver items come and go quickly. Whether you actually use these for serving or hang them on the wall or pile in the cupboard, like you I do not think I'll ever grow tired of these tarnished items that give me just the glow I need. Below are my Seven on Saturday items celebrating my love of all things grey and glimmer. Enjoy.

When putting up another Christmas tree seems like another daunting task, hang a few mercury ornaments to your favorite chandelier for just a touch of the Holidays.

Throwing red out the front door, this Holiday table using grey kicks holiday sophistication up a notch.

Another quick and effective vignette is done by loading the
ornaments in a glass hurricane jar.

A simple twig tree and giant star add holiday to this modern decor.

Sometimes a fallen branch is all you need.

What could be an easier and more dramatic centerpiece?

This basement TV room sacrificed nothing in style by using a silver palette.